objc-diff generates an API diff report for an Objective-C library, similar to those provided by Apple for the system frameworks. It assists library developers with providing their own diff report and verifying that no unexpected API changes have been made.




Requires OS X 10.9 or later.


objc-diff [--old <path to old API>] --new <path to new API> [options]

API paths may be specified as a path to a framework, a path to a single
header, or a path to a directory of headers.

  --help             Show this help message and exit
  --title            Title of the generated report
  --text             Write a text report to standard output (the default)
  --xml              Write an XML report to standard output
  --html <directory> Write an HTML report to the specified directory
  --sdk <name>       Use the specified SDK
  --old <path>       Path to the old API
  --new <path>       Path to the new API
  --args <args>      Compiler arguments for both API versions
  --oldargs <args>   Compiler arguments for the old API version
  --newargs <args>   Compiler arguments for the new API version
  --version          Show the version and exit

See the man page for expanded usage information.

Source Code and Bug Reporting

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